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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

INVITATION [in-vi-tey-shuh n]

Who does not get excited about a car or an airplane? When we are young, we play toy cars. By preteens we start noticing the logos and the brands. In the teens we talk about engines and turning radius and in the late teens we start talking about the styling. Barely out of the teens, we look at the pricing of different models. Our romance with cars continue all through our life.

In this process, a very serious race happens all the time. That between the customer and the designer. Design engineers constantly raise the bar by bringing in new innovations which change the customer experience, and the customers constantly elevate themselves in demanding for more. The real winner in this race is the car or the airplane which gets better and better in the whole deal.

The contest to create the real winner is here. The blue banner shown in the previous post should be on your college notice boards anytime now.

The last date for registration is 9 September, 2006. Oil up your dream engines.

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