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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Slightly long but important, so read on:

The Competition

A cart is to be designed and made with the given material (plastic sheet, adhesive and wheels).It should be able to carry a given load. The cart will be placed on a ramp followed by a flat surface. The cart should travel maximum distance without capsizing, mechanical failure or damage. The model should be made considering manufacturability and cost.

The Exciting Bit

The event consists of four stages:

1. CONCEPT : A concept sketch and design calculations to be made to arrive at the basic dimensions and prediction of distance traveled. The load to be carried, details of the ramp and properties of the materials will be supplied on the day of the contest.

2. MODELLING: An assembly model has to be generated in CAD software. The model has to be generated within the given time. This will be done on first day.

3. MANUFACTURING: A prototype has to be built as per the model. The required tools and materials for building the cart will be provided by the organizers. This will be done on first day.

4. TEST RUN: The prototype is to be tested in this session. The cart is placed on a ramp and is allowed to run freely. Here the various parameters are checked for and the prize winners are finalized. This will be done on second day.

Rules and Regulations: (Well, this piece is coming below the Exciting Bit, but nevertheless as important so please be mindful)

  • Only Two members per team.
  • Both must be members of SAE. (Details on SAE Website, click here. The SAE membership application form is here. )

Contest Registration

  • Entry fee of Rs.100/- per team.
  • Only Three teams from a college.
  • Judges decision will be final.

(The registration form appears as an image in this post below. Double click to get a print size form)

Evaluation Criteria

  • Engineering ingenuity and creativity.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Manufacturability.
  • Cost
  • Approach in modeling.
  • The distance traveled by the cart


  • Last date for registration: 09 Sept 2006
  • Concept, Model and Prototype: 17 Sept 2006 (09:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
  • Test Run: 18-09-2006 (09:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

Other Details:

  • Number of entries is limited to 50 on first come first served basis. Hurry and register.
  • Pre-registration can be done through e-mail. Registration form should be submitted with the DD or cheque before 09-09-06.
  • All the participants are requested to bring their SAE membership card.

Participants are requested to register through e-mail followed by which they should send the registration form to the college. Once the registration form reaches us, the confirmation will be sent to the teams by e-mail.

Send in your entries to:

Department of Mechanical Engineering
BSA Crescent Engineering College,
Vandalur, Chennai-600048.

Ways to connect with the organisers:

Faculty coordinator: R. Rajendran
Student coordinator: M.Vimalkumar

For any queries and for registration through e-mail please mail us at or leave a comment behind on this blog.

To download the registration form for the event, please double click the thumbnail below and print on A4 size paper.

Event Registration Form. Double click and print on A4 paper So, what are you waiting for.Go ahead and start send in your entries.



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